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              Home of a growing line of offroad bumpers, body armor    
                          & accessories for the Jeep Cherokee XJ                              
                                        & Jeep Comanche MJ

  Specializing in:
     ●  XJ front bumpers   ● MJ front bumpers   ● Rock Rails (rocker panel guards)
● winch bumpers ● receiver winch-mounts ●  XJ rear bumpers  ●  MJ rear bumpers

RIGID Fabrication Jeep Cherokee XJ & Jeep Comanche MJ offroad front bumper for receiver winch-mounts - model FbG                     RIGID Fabrication Jeep Cherokee XJ & Jeep Commanch MJ  winch bumper model FbW

FbG - Jeep Cherokee & MJ Front Bumper                  FbW - Winch Bumper for Jeep XJ & MJ

We design and build our bumpers for  maximum strength, clearance, protection and utility.  We build-in those features that are needed offroad, such as 2x2 receivers, tow points and reinforced mounting systems.  If you're looking  for an excellent XJ front bumper  (our FbG, FbW & FbLTD), winch bumper (our FbW), rear bumper (soon to be released RbA), receiver winch-mount (soon to be released WM1), rock rails (our RR22x rocker panel guards) or other vehicle armor, we either have it or will have it in the near future.

 FbG - featuring a center-mounted 2x2 receiver; two build-in tow points and a strengthened front end & steering box mounting using a  reinforced mounting system
 FbW - same features as FbG except there is a universal winch-mount instead of the  2x2 receiver
 FbLTD - low-cost alternative to FbG but without the 2x2 receiver and reinforced mounting system
 RR22x Rocker Panel Guards - improved rocker panel protection yet trim, close-fitting and no loss of clearance

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Limitations of 'Stock' Bumpers


   Cherokee XJ (& Comanche MJ) stock bumpers are made of thin (.085 inch) lightweight steel. Good for weight savings - BAD for real collisions and off-road impacts

  Steel component of stock XJ bumpers does not extend to the sides of the vehicle

   Plastic bumper endcaps ('returns') provide very little if any protection off-road.

   XJ front bumper mounting design is only marginal

   Limited mounting for tow points


►   Increased clearance while improving protection

►   Reinforced mounting system

►   Built of structural steel components for uncompromising strength

►   Front bumpers have Low profile with swept-back and tapered-up wings.

►   Wing tips provide protection for side sheet metal

►   All XJ front bumpers have two built in tow points which are part of the mounting system & connect directly to the frame

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